One of the most simultaneously exciting and frightening times in a recent grad’s life is the much anticipated yet all-too-sudden transition from student to real-world employee. The first summer after college graduation differs for each person. Some travel abroad, some relax at home, and others jump straight into careers. In my case, I was fortunate enough to be one of 120 interns hired around the world at LSI Corporation this year.

As a business marketing graduate, I was intimidated, to say the least, coming into a company in the high-tech industry. Trying to explain advanced tech terms and products, I probably sounded like the little mermaid talking about “whozits, whatzits, and thingamabobs.”

I knew there would be a lot to learn, but what I did not know and discovered soon enough was just how genuinely welcoming and helpful all the people are at LSI. They insisted there is no such thing as a stupid question and made me feel like my contributions mattered. Not only does LSI run a successful business, but it also maintains a great company culture.

This summer, our San Jose headquarters hosted about 23 interns who worked on a range of intricate projects throughout various departments. Some intern assignments included verifying design codes of storage/networking chips, testing chip reliability and endurance, creating/testing URLs, redesigning website content/design, and much more!My role was in corporate communications, where I collaborated with LSI’s busy public/analyst relations team on a variety of tasks including drafting press releases, preparing media target lists, assisting in presentation preparations, and conducting research. More specifically, I really enjoyed learning and using media research tools to target top influencers in traditional and social media, as well as helping to remake LSI’s investor relations presentation.

While there was a good amount of work, LSI’s internship program also came with a lot of fun. We had weekly video conference meetings with all the intern groups throughout the nation. These meetings always started with a review of photos taken as part of a contest where interns were encouraged to take pictures of their LSI water bottles in fun and interesting places. The competition became pretty stiff as we tried to capture the most creative pictures (I was very excited when my entry of the water bottle undergoing interrogation in a local courtroom won!).

That’s me, putting the pedal to the metal at Dave & Buster’s.

Continuing to follow a “work hard, play hard” theme, we delved into other activities including our intern event at Dave & Buster’s, a local eatery and arcade, with our managers, a fierce bocce ball game at the new court on our San Jose campus, volunteer week, and of course the intern presentation contest, where we delivered PowerPoint presentations about our individual roles and experiences at LSI to managers and fellow interns.

Having a background in musical theatre, I went a bit out-of-the-box and made my presentation a fairytale-like story. My manager and others from our team even dressed up in costume for a few photos included in my presentation (now that’s team spirit!)

Overall, my internship at LSI has been an incredibly rewarding and enlightening experience. I made some great friends and developed valuable business skills to apply in future career opportunities. Grateful for my time at LSI this summer, I am feeling even more ready and eager to take on the real world as a business professional and live (work) happily ever after.

We worked and we played … bocce ball!


Brianna Robinson Brianna Robinson is a recent graduate of California State University Chico with a degree in business marketing and honors in general education, is refining her marketing communications skills as a summer intern on LSI’s corporate communications team. Brianna aspires to move into advertising.... Read more

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