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LSI’s Accelerating Innovation Summit in San Jose has given me a sneak peak of some solutions our partners are putting together to solve datacenter challenges. Such is the case with EMC’s ScaleIO business unit (EMC recently acquired ScaleIO), which has rolled out some nifty software that helps streamline VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) scaling.

As I shared in a previous blog, VDI deployments are growing like gangbusters. It’s easy to see why. The manageability and security benefits of virtualized desktop environment are tough to beat.  Deploying and supporting hundreds of desktops as VDI instances on a single server lets you centralize desktop management and security.  Another advantage is that patches, security updates, and hardware and software upgrades demand much less overhead. VDI also dramatically reduces the risk that desktop users will breach security by making it easier to prevent data from being copied onto portable media or sent externally.

Mass boots drag down VDI performance
But as with all new technologies, a number of performance challenges can crop up when you move to a virtual world.  In enterprise-scale deployments, VDI performance can suffer when the IT administrator attempts to boot all those desktops Monday morning or reboot after Patch Tuesday.  What’s more, VDI performance can drop significantly when users all log in in at the same time each morning. In addition, virtualized environments sometimes are unfriendly to slews of users trying to access files simultaneously, making them wait because of the heavy traffic load. One bottleneck often is legacy SAN-connected storage since file access requests are queued through a single storage controller.  And of course increasing the density of virtual desktops supported by a server can exacerbate the whole performance problem.

VDI’s are ripe for distributed storage, and the ScaleIO ECS (Elastic Converged Storage) software is a compelling solution, incorporating an elastic storage infrastructure that scales both capacity and performance with changing business requirements. The software pools local direct attached storage (DAS) on each server into a large storage repository. If desktops are moved between physical servers, or if a server fails, the datacenter’s existing high-speed network moves data to the local storage of the new server.

LSI Nytro and ScaleIO ECS software boost VDI session number, reduce costs
In an AIS demonstration, the ScaleIO ECS software leverages the application acceleration of the LSI® Nytro™ MegaRAID® card to significantly increase the number of VDI sessions the VDI server could support, reducing the cost of each VDI session by up to 33%. Better yet, application acceleration gives users shorter response times than they see on their laptops. By using the ScaleIO ECS software and Nytro MegaRAID card, customers get the benefits high-availability storage and intelligent flash acceleration at a more budget-friendly price point than comparable SAN-based solutions.


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