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Turn on your smart phone and it works like charm. But explosive global adoption of smart phones with feature-rich applications is stressing mobile networks like never before. For mobile network providers, the challenge couldn’t be more acute: Find new ways to deliver more mobile bandwidth even as the average revenue per user remains flat.

In this AIS interview, LSI’s Jeff Connell, director of mobile networking product marketing, talks about how network providers are turning to heterogenous networks (HetNets) to reduce the cost of deploying, scaling and managing mobile networks. One way network providers are streamlining deployments is by using equipment built with smart silicon like LSI Axxia. The highly integrated ASIC helps customers cut the cost and power of new network equipment designs.

Reducing network latency
Speed is the currency of smart phone communications. Users want their information without delays. Here, Jon Devlin, director of networking ecosystem at LSI, discusses the importance of reducing network latency for applications including mobile video conferencing and voice over IP.


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