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Emerging and disruptive markets are hard to quantify and forecast: They often apply different marketing labels for the same thing, and have no baseline industry data and no consistent methods of measurement and forecasting.

But this recent Wibikon big data report is head and hands above others. This is the third edition of the report and I wanted to give a shout-out to the authors – Jeff Kelly, David Vellante and David Foyer – on this best-in-class body of work.

Behind the numbers: The way I see it, big data has two different markets with very different technology and investment requirements and pace of adoption:

  • Consumer big data (web-scale Yahoo , Facebook and the like)
  • Enterprise big data for business and industry (banking, healthcare, government, manufacturing, retail)

And now, the color commentary on the Wikibon big data report …

  • $18.8B – 2013 total big data revenue … the 2012 number was $12B. It’s growing fast.
  • $1.4B  IBM is biggest player, and this total includes hardware, software and consulting … no real surprise to me here.
  • $3.8B  Original design manufacturer (ODM) penetration marks a substantial move away from branded servers. In my opinion, this is mostly for big data consumer market.
  • $1.5B  Enterprise hardware Dell, IBM, HP, others … indicates growth for big data in business and industry (in the enterprise segment).
  • $415M, $312M, $305M  Accenture, PWC and Deloitte, respectively … substantial investment serving big data analytics for business and industry.

I’ve discussed the notion of two different markets, consumer big data and enterprise big data, with dozens of my friends, associates and industry co-travelers. And consistently their response is “yes, we see it the same way. There are two very different big data markets:  one for web scale, like Yahoo!, and another for business and industry, like Walmart and GE.” My friends at Rackspace introduced me to the terms consumer big data and enterprise big data … make sense to me.

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